OpenNebula/C12G Joins the Open Virtualization Alliance

MADRID, June 23, 2011. C12G Labs, the leader in private cloud computing management, has joined the Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA), a consortium committed to fostering the adoption of open virtualization technologies. The consortium will promote examples of customer successes, encourage interoperability and accelerate the expansion of the ecosystem of third party solutions around KVM, providing businesses improved choice, performance and price for virtualization.

OpenNebula is the Industry standard for on-premise IaaS cloud computing, offering a comprehensive solution for the management of virtualized data centers to enable private, public and hybrid (cloudbursting) clouds. OpenNebula interoperability makes cloud an evolution by leveraging existing IT infrastructure, protecting your investments, and avoiding vendor lock-in. C12G Labs manages the OpenNebula open-source project and offers support subscription and professional services to build and operate IaaS clouds.

“We are excited to join an interoperable ecosystem of components around KVM. These are also great news for the OpenNebula community where KVM is already a popular virtualization platform” said Ruben S. Montero, Chief Technology Advisor of C12G Labs and Chief Architect of OpenNebula. “Thanks to its open and modular architecture, OpenNebula can easily leverage KVM and integrate the OVA ecosystem to provide enterprise-grade cloud solutions”.

About C12G

C12G Labs, the leader in private cloud computing management, is a Technology Company built on understanding the needs of their customers and partners, and delivering the Cloud Management Software, Support and Services to make them successful. C12G offers a comprehensive set of support subscription services, through which customers and partners can get production level support or build a custom cloud infrastructure or solution.

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About OpenNebula

OpenNebula is the most advanced open-source platform for building IaaS clouds, offering unique features for cloud management and providing the integration capabilities that many enterprise IT shops need for internal cloud adoption.

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About Open Virtualization Alliance

The mission of the Open Virtualization Alliance is to foster the adoption of KVM as an open virtualization alternative, accelerate the emergence of an ecosystem of third-party solutions around KVM, increase overall awareness and understanding of KVM, encourage interoperability, promote best practices and highlight examples of customer successes. Founding members of the Open Virtualization Alliance include BMC Software, Eucalytpus Systems, HP, IBM, Intel, Red Hat, Inc. and SUSE.

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